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What to trade the week starting...


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53 minutes ago, BobbyFarter said:

What is so special about Jackson's hole?  Does it smell nice?

Hi @BobbyFarter


The Economic Symposium, held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is an annual and exclusive central banking conference to foster open discussion about important and current policy matters attended by central bankers, finance ministers, academics, and financial market participants from around the world. Comments and speeches from central bankers and other influential officials can create significant market volatility.


All the best - MongiIG

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What to trade the week starting 30th August: US jobs report; Superdry earnings

IG’s Chris Beauchamp discusses what to expect from next week’s US jobs data, with private ADP figures on Wednesday and Friday's non-farm payrolls report. Chris also looks at a potential Superdry trade ahead of its earnings report.


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Markets data to trade the week starting 20 September: Fed, BoE rate meetings

With the economic calendar dominating the week ahead, IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor caught up with Justin McQueen from Daily FX to discuss trading ideas around the two big events: the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England on rates.


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Look ahead to the week starting 18 October: Earnings & China data

The week starts with Chinese data. IG’s technical analyst Joshua Mahony looks at USD/CNH. Then on to EUR/GBP for data in the UK and across the EU. Corp data on US techs including Netflix and Tesla, also UK banks with Barclays.



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Look ahead to the week starting 25 October: US earnings; ECB rates

US tech earnings continue with Facebook, Microsoft, Alphabet, Twitter, Ford and Exxon reporting, while in the UK it’s on to banks.

IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor discusses the week ahead with Chris Beauchamp, IG’s chief market analyst, who also looks at the European Central Bank's (ECB) rate decision.




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    • Hi 786Trader, i was confused early in 2020 with the BS i read about Elon and Tesla, i was following it very close and then started to do deeper research, which uncovered stellar info. Yes many of the regular metrics don't seem to apply to Tesla, Ive come across from FX trading to focus more on specific shares, as it certainly looks to have far better fundamentals to understand. As a Target for analysis it has features which are unique, Tesla has zero dealership channels, they also manufacture many critical components themselves, they've had a few years to perfect their battery cell tech, and all of those who laughed at Elon using "laptop batteries" to power a car. His team have now the 4080 battery cell to be launched, a better battery power density, improved weight, less Rare Earth metals, and simpler to make!  I'm sure you have heard of Cathy Wood of Ark invest, she is quite a bull on TESLA, yet she shows great insight into why Tesla is cool! Here is my skin in the game  
    • Guest John8865
      Hi 786 Trader,  Couldnt agree with you more , im short Nasdaq all day long because as you rightly point out the N100 completely propped up my Tesla in my humble opinion. Excellent point on oil however I see potential 140 a barrel by mid 2022 , supply and demand will always dictate. One other point on Tesla 100,000 units to be purchased by Hertz ? at what price I wonder and when will they (Tesla) be able to fill the order i wonder. Anyway expect lots of volatility !!!!       
    • Anyone noticed Tesla price action of late? It's almost singlehandedly keeping the Nasdaq in the green. I had shorted it, but it had become too painful so took a haircut and called it quits and lesson learned. Tesla is the meme stock of meme stocks, where fundamentals no longer apply. According to mElon Teslatics everyone will be driving a Tesla and all other car companies are destined for recycling. It justifies its astonishing p/e 100x  + metric with vague, fantastical projections of future profits, difficult to realise. Currently Tesla trades with a through the roof RSI of, wait for it, 90.7 a jaw dropping CCI of 257.5 and a 20 point gap between MACD and signal, the stochastics are equally stratospheric at 90... It's the sort of TA most crypto currencies could only dream of.  Frankly, I see the most valuable part of Tesla as  the 46 666 BTC they own. Where, quite the other  $995 billion of value comes from is anyone's guess. Yes, it's true they are profitable, but right now so is the whole sector. Yes, there is a maniacal, loyal band of fundamentalist mElon lovers seeing him as a deified tech super spirit embodying all that is good and right in technology. Personally, I like him, like his ideas, but find the price of Tesla and Teslas to be somewhat in the range of offensively excessive. Would far rather own SpaceX shares truth be told. I digress,  The technicals of Tesla all point to it reaching it's Zenith, it's about as far up the mountain as is unreasonably reasonable atm. But hey, what do I know? I am a simple , unfashionable Oil and Gasoline trader, my positions on which have not changed. Am still long on Oil and Gas and energy as a whole, going into 22 with a price target of $110-$120+ for Brent by end of 22, possibly higher. Expect to see $100 within 6 months, in all likelihood sooner.  If you have been riding the Tesla wave, well done, but do you really justify that price? I struggle and fail too. But have learned  not to mess with the Meme. 
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