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Alarm not workiung?



Do we have known issues with the alarm function?

Maybe this is only a configuration thing on my computer.
My handy app plays a sound but not the web platform site on my pc computer (and other websites do play sound).

Yesterday it worked but today no sound


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Hi @twu1234

We have no reported issues with alert sounds. Please click on settings and ensure that the alert sound effect is switched on as is illustrated in the below screenshot. If this has not resolved the issue please contact helpdesk.uk@ig.com as it may be something that our IT team can look at. 

All the best




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Thank you, but it was already switched on.
I just turned the swich off and on again but no sound.
I rebooted my computer.
I am working with the german website version.
Every other website (opened in the same google chrome instance) plays sound. 
I can not see any possibility for a configuration error.
But ok it seems I am the only one with this issue...

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