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Speaking in probabilities..... Cuz I'm dumb, and I don't know iiish

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Quick one today..... too much to do, too little time....

Having run my calculations this evening ...... me thinks in all probability, the vix will be higher than it is now at some point tmrw...

When I run my calculations on volume differentials vs price, It looks shaky. In the overall index, (generallyspy, dow, blah blah balh) volume has been hefty but price/returns have been decelerating.

Combine this with differentiated vol spreads ( returns of the VVIX vs VIX) which is now resting comfortably and hovering just over  -1std dev..... I don't think this is over yet...... Let's see how it plays out. Good luck tmrw!!


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    • This is the E1 contract from an IG France account. All the best, KoketsoIG
    • Dear @cate, We're sorry to hear you didn't like the new platform. The old platform is being decommissioned, so we recommend using the new one. You can find the same markets by using the search function. For example, when I typed 'crude oil' on both platforms. To select the desired contract on the new platform, simply click on the market you want and then choose from the dropdown menu. The E1 contract is only available for Europe accounts, not UK accounts on both platforms. Thanks, KoketsoIG
    • Hi, I've been holding onto the old platform as long as I could, because I really don't like the new one,  but now it's being decommissioned I'm trying to use the new one finally. ☹️  On the old platform I had a choice of WTI either as a 1 euro or a £1 contract, and the same for Gold. But when I search on the new platform all I get is the  £1 contract as well as an absolute ton of ETFs. It doesn't even say it's the £1 version, it just calls itself "spot gold" which is a bit confusing because it looks as though you might be buying a full lot, not just a mini contract. Can anyone tell me how to find the 1 euro contracts, or are they just not available on the new platform? Many thanks, Cate 
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