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Stop losses and price spikes



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8 hours ago, coalimp said:

I thought I would trade more smartly using stop losses but I get thrown out by a price spike. Is there any way in avoiding this. A delay possibly?

Hi @coalimp,

You can try to place a Guranteed stop : Guaranteed stops work in the same way as basic stops, except that they will always be filled at the level you set, even if prices move rapidly or gapping occurs.

More details here.

All the best - Arvin

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then the question would be for how long the delay and then why didn't it get enforced at "that" particular time at that price etc. you should realise the SL is visible to different players and if they can buy something cheaper they will try to. if a price spike is taking it out then the SL is, i suspect, too close to the price. Think in terms of Average trading range, recent highs and lows of the instrument, rollover dates, upcoming events, ex-dividend etc.

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ast year I lost loads on a AML spread because of a stop loss that was triggered by a one second spike. When I queried this I was told by IG that is was legitimate. Now I have seen many of these spikes all over the place and I dare say unsuspecting investors have been caught out. Again I have queried this with IG and have gotten nowhere.

I have recently bought some International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (LSE) but I wish I had waited until Monday 4th October because according to the daily price graph the share price dropped down to just above zero for a second.

If I had a stop loss in place I am sure it would have been triggered and there would be me selling ICA at 20p and some very happy punter buying them.

Without comment from IG I can only assume that here lies a scam for those in the know, think about it, and if any Netflix documentary film makers want to preempt the next financial market scam they would do well to look at this. 

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