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Bitcoin chart useless in its current state

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I generally love the IG charts provided by the web platform but the bitcoin chart is useless for trading purposes.

The chart is distorted because of the maintenance gap from friday 23:00  to saturday 9:00 (here in germany)
It just leaves out these 10 hours time and instead makes a jump.
Thus the trendlines (and other shapes) are sometimes completely incorrect.
They would be no basis for setting orders at the right places.

For me the only solution is using Tradingview for making all the chart analysis.
So I note down the price and then place an order in IG
But this is not a good way of trading and I am considering to switch to a different broker.

Ideal would be a continous chart but that is not possible for obvious reasons.
I do not have a good idea for fixing this..
For me real gaps (like in the Iron Ore chart) would be much better.
Because fter copy pasting them from TradingView they will project correctly in coming times.

Or maybe fill the gaps with prices from binance? I dont know

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