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US based stock document missing


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8 hours ago, Kaz3366 said:


I have recently switched my broker account to IG, I was trying to purchase some US based stocks but its keep coming as document missing error.

I have followed the link to fill the form but it says server is down?

Please help!


Hi @Kaz3366,

We apologies for the technical difficulties, the IT team is working on it at the moment.
You can find the form here https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw8ben.pdf
Once complete you can send it to  newaccounts@ig.com to be uploaded on your account.

Thank you - Arvin

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13 hours ago, Kaz3366 said:

Hi Arvin,

I have sent it yesterday on your standard help box. I have re-sent to above mentioned email address.

under subject: Incident number: INC0590353.

Please activate on priority, Its been over a day trying to resolve this issue.



Hi @Kaz3366,

This incident number is showing as resolved now. Could you please confirm if that's the case on your end?

It seems that the department dealing with your form have come back to you, could you please confirm as well?

Thank you - Arvin

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