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Best approach to capitalise on a predicted share price jump through spread betting

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I do have a number of Tesla shares and became very familiar with the way they behave. I trade them on the US market and pre-market trading start at 9am UK time and the US markets open at 2:30 pm and after hours continue until 1am UK time. 

When the pre-market open at 9am there is almost without exception a jump of around 30000 pips (around $30 on a share price of around £1100) and again when the markets open at 2:30 the same thing happens (the difference is that in this situation it is trading that continue after the pre-market trading, while in the first case it is a market opening). Sometimes it is a downward trend (but the same level of change). 

I worked out that should I be able to play this right I could be able to make around £1000 with a £4000 margin. I want to limit any potential losses by having a very low stop level, should things not work out as anticipated. 

Ideally I want to also use trailing stops but the lack of support for MT5 from IG, that is impossible and a severe limitations.

Anyone who can give me advice on how to go about achieving this because it must surely be possible to do it effectively? Where else will you get such a jump in price you can predict with almost 99% certainty will happen at a very specific time. I tried using limited orders with stop levels but failed to capitalise on it. I added some images demonstrating these jumps. In some instance these jumps contains gaps, which are not presented as such on the IG platform. The first 2 images are at the 9 am start and the last one at the 2:30 opening of the markets.


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Tried a certain strategy on the demo account this morning but was using a much higher stop level as what I was comfortable with and I also used a limit of 1000 points. A trailing stop would have been much better with a potential profit in the vicinity of £2000. Using a limit posed the risk that a potential maximum level of only 800 points in the stock level would have resulted in a loss of £25 instead of a £800 profit while it would not have been the case with a trailing stop.1557631304_Screenshot2021-12-03100650.thumb.jpg.6c5311f7e9510371949ea99e051c493b.jpg

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