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Transferring funds between IG ISA accounts



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On 18/12/2021 at 02:04, GorillaForSale said:

I have an IG Smart ISA account.  If I open a new IG Stocks and Shares ISA account, can I freely transfer funds back and forth between the two without losing their tax free status and without having to fill out any additional forms?

Hi @GorillaForSale,

ISA rules state that you can only pay into a single stocks and shares ISA each tax year. You are free to open an additional ISA with a different provider each new tax year, but can only pay money into one.

With IG, you can invest in a single stocks and shares ISA via two separate account types: share dealing and/or an IG Smart Portfolio. This means that if it suits your investment strategy to do so, you can open an IG Smart Portfolio and share dealing account in the same tax year and split your annual ISA allowance between them.

I hope that it helps.

All the best - Arvin

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