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Position numbers are blurred



Hi IG,

for a few days now the numbers in the open position boxes inside the charts are badly blurred.
Switching zoom does not help and it is so in normal and maximized browser and/or chart window.
It is so blurred that ot is nearly impossible to see the win or loss.
Strange is you move the chart up and down and in certain positions the number will get clear.
Sometimes parts of the chart is flickering from bright to dark all the time.
My display is standard 1920 x 1080p and has surely no issue.

I would very much appreciate if you fix this bug.



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13 hours ago, HHao said:


Just want to follow up the question. 

Has the problem been solved yet? 

Cause I also have the same problem with my PC.

However, Mac doesn’t have the issue.


Hi @HHao,

Could you please clarify if you tried on a different browser?

Are you also using the dark theme?

Thank you - Arvin

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