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How to deal with charts with extreme unreasonable lows?

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Hi there,

If you are into stocks, you probably have faced this issue. Have a look to the image, the chart to the right side is something you can discuss/analyse/ debate if the stock is going up or down. You can actually see the daily movements and how big or small each candle is as well its shadows. Now, let's try and see how this stock behaved in the past. Believe it or not, the chart to the left is the same stock (Rio Tento), same time frame (One Day), and of course the same platform. Obviously, you can't make any sense of the second chart as all candles look like small dots and it is almost impossible to understand the chart. Why is that? Because of one candle with a huge shadow that I am almost certain it never happened. why I am certain? You may ask.. because if true, the stock price reached almost zero at one point, which I do not think it did happen (did it??) I feel that it is more likely that this is just a glitch. My question is: is it possible to get rid of this extreme reading so that we can see the chart better. Btw, this is not the only case, but it is the one in front of me right now. Many thanks in advance.1941172593_ToIG.thumb.png.6ce0e30f527cb3eb327aa54b2be9de3d.png 

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Hi @Shalaby

Thanks for the query. 

This is an issue that occurs on the backend from time to time. Our IT team is aware of the issue. As a work around please switch the chart to any of bid/mid or ask price. You can do this by right clicking on the chart then changing price. We will inform the IT team to remove the price spike. 

All the best, 


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