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Point value query

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Hi all, have called IG twice today, after waiting for half hour each time I was cut off, very poor. Hoping to have better luck getting an answer to my query here...


What do IG consider to be a point? If I look at a share that is say 4p and for arguments sake lets say I think it will go to 5p and I want to make £1,000. I am trying to work out whether I bet £1,000 per point or whether it should be £100 per point for example. Does that make sense? It will depend on what IG consider to be 1 point i.e. if they consider it to be 1 full pence or whether they consider it to be 0.1p for example. Hope my query make sense. Any help greatly appreciated

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Hi @Starpunch

Thanks for the query. 

Apologies that you were not able to get through to the helpdesk. 

In spread betting all stocks are displayed such that the point movement is to the left of the decimal point. This is the equivalent of 1p for UK stocks. Therefore in your example the bet size would need to GBP1000 per point to make GBP1000 in a 1p price movement. 

All the best, 


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