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Limited Risk Account



1. It is costing 1 FX spot contract for minimum USD 450 and there is no PTS away before I used to be able to set this. Is this normal?
2. Can I set unlimited PTS if this is the case?
3. I am not liking this current account type so how I can go back my old limited risk or something similar
Before it was High risk but I was able to buy more contracts now i have to buy minimum USD 300-400 for 1 contract which is not my preference
Can you guide me please
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Hi @RamzanAli

Thanks for the query. 

Please note that we have had to increase margin requirements and discontinue limited risk accounts in Dubai. This is due to the Dubai Financial Services Authority's (DFSA) new requirements.  

1. 1 mini contract of GBP/USD will require around $450 in margin. You can add a normal or guaranteed stop manually from the deal ticket. 

2. Yes you are at liberty to set your desired stop distance. 

3. Unfortunately we have discontinued limited risk accounts. 

All the best, 


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