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Blue Star Food Corp (BSFC)

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36 minutes ago, FishMilan said:



 I am increasingly noticing a lot of NASDAQ stocks not on IG.


Ticker code - BSFC > Blue Star Foods Corp ... highest premark stock today on NASDAQ?

Could you explain or is this user error search?



Hi @FishMilan

Thanks for reaching out. There is a forum to make stock requests. Have a look what it is required and you can make a submission:

All the best - MongiIG

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Hi, the value of IG is across 10,000+ markets ... why would we need to inform you of stocks that we want to be traded.? For example should all S&P500 and all NASDAQ stocks be automatically included? I would have to do a thorough analysis of all stock markets to have this confidence.


Yesterdays movers on NASDAQ not included.


  • Innovage Holding Corp = INNV not covered

  • G Medical Innovations Holdings = GMVD not covered

  • Kidpik Corp = PIK not covered

  • Sonic Foundry = SOFO not covered

  • Yet PIXY is covered?

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