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Lightstreamer Connect fail on DEMO account



I can't connect to the DEMO stream ("https://demo-apd.marketdatasystems.com") since December 2021 with a C# .NET application using the IG API
On the other hand the connection to a LIVE stream ("https://apd.marketdatasystems.com") works

It seems that the problem comes from the "DotNetClient_N2.dll" library.
Has anyone encountered the same problem ?


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Many thanks @Tartempion.
In any case it is not won with Windows 7.
Because I don't see how to introduce this new property and how to install the TLS12 protocol
I did some tests today on my C# application but without success.

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For .NET applications the problem is clearly located in the .NET Framework and the way the TLS1.2 protocol is set up in it
So it is certainly not a problem linked to the "DotNetClient_N2.dll" library
Indeed :
- I made a test with the java application using the java library "sdk.client.java.se-" ==> no connection problem and the data arrive correctly with the stream
- I converted this java library to .NET assembly using IKVMC
- my C#.NET application now uses the "sdk.client.java.se-" library for lightstreamer connections, instead of the "DotNetClient_N2.dll" library
and then the lightstream connection fails with the following error message

"com.lightstreamer.ls_client.PushConnException: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Remote host closed connection during handshake"

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You will need to install a fresh, clean copy of Windows 10 and then everything will work again.
Windows 10 has the underlying HTTPS SSL infrastructure needed for your code.
Other apps, like browsers, build their own HTTPS SSL infrastructure.
It is not possible to patch Windows 7, you are forced to upgrade or use a different code paradigm, like Java.
Note, installing Windows 10 over Windows 7 won't work as it keeps a lot of Windows 7 files, has to be a fresh, clean install of WIndows 10.

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For now, I solved my problem so I can stay with windows 7 and keep my C# application intact.

I developed a DDE server in Python interfacing with the IG APIs.
I converted the Python application into an executable to improve performance.
And I retrieve the DDE in C# (or Excel) with the NDde.dll assembly.

I'll leave it at that for now and wait to test fast feeds in times of high volatility
But if the performance is not there I'm considering doing the same thing with an RTD server and/or with Java.

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I have completed the performance tests in periods of high volatility (US opening for example).
The performances are excellent even if the solution found is a bit twisted.

So I stay on this technical solution which works perfectly with Windows 7 and .NET.
The solution is :
API stream received by a compiled python application, which delivers the data on the workstation with a DDE server.
Thus any application can connect to this DDE server and exploit the stream of the IG APIs (personal application with .NET, Excel, Matlab, etc...). No latency was observed.

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