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Commission Charges


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It would be really useful, especially for "day traders' if the buy and sell commission charges were shown on the deal ticket thereby showing the net profit on the deal. Also it would not be too difficult to show the breakeven after commission. Just a thought.

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Guest RobertR

Hi Tintax, thanks for getting in touch!


That's certainly a useful bit of feedback. We're currently in the process of introducing a new web platform so I'll pass on your suggestions to our developers.


On our Share Dealing or ISA accounts, you're able to amend the 'book cost' to include such figures as commission, therefore giving you the exact information you want. This however is not yet a feature for CFD or Spread Betting so it will definitely be considered. In the meantime, you can find a full breakdown of costs from your account history.


If anybody else has any other feedback, please let us know so we can pass it on.





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