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Money not credited from a bet



On 31st Jan 2022 morning, I sold one Daily Oil (Mar Future) 9360 PUT (DIAAAAH3X4T2EBD) at 579.1 level. It expired at the end of day at 545 (bet details DIAAAAH35ZFDNA8). I can see these information from my account activity, however in my EOD statement or on the website under profit and loss this money was never credited to my account. I wrote to helpdesk.uk@ig.com and have received no reply so far. Would somebody from IG look into this please? Thanks

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Hi @AndaIG

Thanks for the info, I can see the transaction is reflected in the ledger summary. However this ledger summary is not useful as it has neither the opening balance and closing balances for selected period of 2022 so far, without which it is impossible to verify whether the money was really credited to account or not. Please could you reconcile the account not just for transactions but balances as well, as I suspect this has happened due to some IT error in your system. If you could forward me a statement which has opening balance and closing balances it will be immensely helpful, similar to the daily statements which has BROUGHT FORWARD and CARRIED FORWARD sections but on a larger time period.




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