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Order Rejected via API



Hi all,

I have a very similar issue to what is presented in this topic

however the resolution is not working for me in any way.

In the same manner I am using the trading_ig github repository for connectivity. I am using a spread bet (demo) account, not a CFD account. 

With the command:

 resp = ig_service.create_open_position(
I get the following response.
{'affectedDeals': [], 'date': '2022-02-23T11:39:14.102', 'dealId': 'DIAAAAHR2HZCAAR', 'dealReference': 'TTTXL7BVZNYTYN7', 'dealStatus': 'REJECTED', 'direction': 'BUY', 'epic': 'UA.D.AAPL.CASH.IP', 'expiry': None, 'guaranteedStop': False, 'level': None, 'limitDistance': None, 'limitLevel': None, 'profit': None, 'profitCurrency': None, 'reason': 'UNKNOWN', 'size': None, 'status': None, 'stopDistance': None, 'stopLevel': None, 'trailingStop': False}

I can see the size goes to "none" in the response which I find odd and also get an unknown rejected reason. As per the other post I have also tried a limit order and that gave the exact same error (with a limit value at both 15000 and 17000 for the current apple price). Any advice would be appreciated to support on this issue.



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