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Hi , thanks for your post!


You'll only be able to trade currencies via your international account. The reason for this is that on your domestic account, you'll only have access to domestic markets, so trading currencies is prohibited.


To switch to your international account, please login to your account and visit the 'MyIG' part of the platform. Under the 'Dashboard' tab you'll see both of your accounts listed, and if you open the international platform you should see a list of all available currency pairs.


It's also worth noting that to fund your international account you'll need to use the bank transfer method as opposed to card payments. You can see full details on where to send the funds from the below link:




Hope this helps!



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    • It makes sense to take advantage of this offer, especially now that the market is down. The fact that it's flexible and I can withdraw anytime is a plus too. I will DYOR on it
    • Interestingly, a friend referred it to me yesterday. I joined and was giving about 800 DOGS token, they said its my reward for using telegram actively for two years now.   Will explore the pre-market you mentioned, to position my self for potential gains
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