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L2 Dealer Issues

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I have signed up for L2 Dealer by filling in the online application form and duly depositing the prerequisite £1000 in my account. Ticked the "I have read and understood L2 Dealer Manual" (or something along those lines). Ticked the box to pay the £7.20 per month charge. Downloaded the "PrerequisiteInstaller" software. This produced a desktop/icon/link called "SetUp". Double clicked on this and it downloaded whatever it is that it downloaded, which to be specific was the three options of "Modify" , "Repair" and "Delete".

I for obvious reasons only tried ticking the "Modify" and later the "Repair" box to see if this launched the L2 Dealer but all it did was download again whatever is associated with the two boxes, then it went through such two "Modify and Repair" software downloads until a final box appeared tiled "Finished" 

Apart from that, that is all I have to say on the subject of L2 Dealer. No other link has appeared fpr me to press to open up L2 Dealer and I am desperate for some help either from a fellow investor who uses L2 Dealer to tell me what I am doing wrong and how to correct what it is that I am, or, IG Customer Services/IT Support Desk.


Thank you all fellow investors in anticipation of your guidance/help with this.

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