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Overnight Charges not matching up

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Why Overnight charges on  History is different than Shown on Trade Analytics? Makes me wonder Trade Anytics reliable? 

I have attached printscan on Helpdesk email today afternoon for an explanation as support worker couldn't help. I am wondering if others in community experienced such discrepancies. 

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Same. My trade analytics profits are always less than my real profits (i.e the one the you can see in the IG statement that gets sent every evening). Spoken to helpline before about this and they have told me trade analytics screen unreliable! Don't know why this should be. Shame cos it looks like a really neat tool, but limited use if not displaying accurate profits/losses!

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    • Sometime one way to avoid touching one's PF is to participate in these kind of event to earn some passive income and perharps use some the proceeds to invest more. I am not quite friendly with bot but will refer it to friend with a trading community where i also get signals. I will appreciate you also share the link to the announcement for more details
    • Despite the fact that i have my reservation on some meme coin; i feel attention could tilting towards BNB chain meme coins. HODL was bullish yesterday upon launch and i may also look into CATA for some market analysis and possible entry cos missing out on most of the Solana chain meme can not repeat itself again haha.
    • I still beleive Pepe is still a strong competitor for shib and after Doge they should be among the few meme coin to hodl but would appreciate your analysis on HODL a new meme coin on BNB chain that has hugely pumped yesterday on Pancakeswap and Bitget. Its mainnet launch and initial listing was also yesterday.
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