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Max lot size via MT4 on IG

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Hi guys,


I have contacted IG support (UK) a few days ago and I've been told there is on limit on lot sizes.

However, by searching online, I am unsure if that statement is true.

There seem to be limits. Anyone come across this before?

Just run a 99.90% modelling quality backtesting via tick data suite and some trades have super high lot sizes such as 31016.60

My intention is to run my recently developed EA with a set-and-forget approach for 10yrs - see .zip file attached for full report. (Oh unable to attach .zip)

Contact me if you'd like to see the full report 

Thank you.


Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 14.09.17.png

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so i was thinking fxcm has 100k lots as an maximum lot size limit what would be the ig maximum lot size limit and can we make in billions of dollars in profit just asking technically and someone did like this is it possible

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