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Hey Guys,


I would really like to encourage people to share their trading Ideas here in the Community.

No one gets them all right. 

The ECB killed off a lot of great trades last week so even when you're right you can be wrong.

It's the reasoning behind the trades that we can all benefit from if people are willing to share.


Come on people lets make this space the best we can.





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I totally agree - would give a double thumbs up or double like if I could.  I was almost going to start a topic today wondering/asking why no one posts actual trades.


I'd be surprised if someone has such a fine edge to their trading system that sharing trades would erase their profits, so it must be something else.  Maybe most people don't actually trade? 



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Hey  & ,


I think this would be a great way to get members to share trades ideas and actual trades. How would you envision the prize being awarded - single best trade idea or maybe cumulative trade suggestions over the month? Whoever received the most likes on their trade idea/ideas would win?




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Another idea to perhaps add to the original - maybe there could be a joint community demo account where people can post trades?

Could be anonymous, or just with a comment here on the forum "I posted xxxxx trade". 

The login etc. could be given to community members so it is not hijacked ? 

Market opening so will think about this topic more during the day. 

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Hey Dan,


I would do it as a single trade.

I don't want to discourage people from contributing further trades if the 1st one doesn't work out.

Likewise I would not want excessive amounts of trades in the hope one is right.

A balance needs to be found.


A bit of thought needs to be put in to this.


The objective though is to have as many as possible contributing.


I would also like IG analysts to be involved. The great call on the nf payrolls last Friday is a case in point.







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The irony? of this thread is that the people discussing it are most likely those who will participate and already do participate.  So ?


It would be interesting - perhaps not the best but interesting - to see if it was to be a majority decision for the best trade based on the number of likes.   Technically you'd go for dollar value - but then you'd have to stipulate how many contracts traded.  That could be good as it could indicate how certain the trade is (for the "suggestor"). 


A few things too - like is a good trade one that is over in 5mins - gives you the rest of the day off?  Or frees up margin for more trades.  Or is the best one a low volatility one that can be set and forgotten?


Hmm!  But perhaps that can all come out in the wash if it is just based on likes?



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Hi all,


I think that as  said, we should base this off the single best trade over the month, but as to how we quantify this, and what rules apply, that could be another discussion in itself! However, I do think we need to get this right first time for it to work, and greatly appreciate your input already.


My thought is to run with the trade idea that gets the most likes, as it is often difficult to compare the success of trades across the different types of markets we offer.


All thoughts welcome...



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