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Live IG API unavailable this morning



Hi, I am unable to access the live API this morning which i use every day.  Am getting the "Unable to get the RTD property of the Worksheetfunction class" error which is the same as earlier this year.  It looks like its a light streamer related issue again as it's the streaming API that I can't access.

Have emailed support but would be helpful to know if others having the same issue or has any more information, thanks


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Been sent a second satisfaction survey re this issue.  Was a tad scathing 3weeks ago when I replied to the last one and got zilch follow up though suggested I might if I wasn’t happy.  If I got the energy I’ll reply again. At least it builds a record for when I get round to messaging the CEO  

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Hi, I had a message from IG about two weeks ago saying it had been fixed but it wasn’t !    They replied it was their mistake and that it should be sorted soon.  Tbh I stopped chasing it a long time ago as the support is not fit for purpose (3+ months not working is not a credible service) and have moved onto another solution

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So now I have a problem with the REST API FFS.  The streaming API has been broken since mid May and is still not working but I’ve worked around that by subscribing to ExcelAPI.  Now the REST API is erroring too so starting to lose the will to live with IG now - I’ll go through the motion with IG support tomorrow but getting close to chucking in 2 years work trying to work with IG  on this as no doubt will get the normal bland response.  Been a customer of IG for over 10years and getting close to closing the account and writing to the CEO to explain my frustration…..

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11 hours ago, DavR0s said:

Now the REST API is erroring too so starting to lose the will to live with IG now

Which calls are not working? I have been using it this morning for live prices, watchlists and account data - all working fine for me (with my live account, haven't tried demo).

If you have time post some code here and I'll try to see if there is something in your code which could be causing a problem.

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Hi Andy, thankfully it seems to be working again for me this morning.  I run two servers and the REST API failed on both at 8:25 last night and I couldn't get back in until after the market close.  Hopefully it will be ok now.  btw for my streaming API i just use IGs own example code - IG has acknolwedged there is a problem since early May but I am using Excelpricefeed now for that.  Cheers David

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    • Hi @wendymo, Thank you for your post. Could you please clarify if you are trying to transfer in or out of IG? You might find some help here: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/transferring-investments Thank you - Arvin
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