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Demo Account - Share Dealing?

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8 hours ago, MikeGale said:


Is it only possible to have CFD or Spread betting demo accounts? I can't seem to find an option for adding a share dealing demo account.



Hi @MikeGale,

Thank you for your post.

IG only offers CFD and Spread Betting demo accounts. We are unable to provide share dealing demo accounts as on share trading accounts the orders are place on DMA (Direct Market Access).

You can trade shares on CFD account for example but it will be using leverage (margin)

I hope that it helps.

All the best - Arvin

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  • 2 months later...

how do you think that will last? i think account sharing is something that we should take seriously, it is a tough thing to consider and all of us have been waiting for a chance to break through at this point. 

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