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The new platform is ***** can we have the old one back please.

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The new platform is buggy, kludgey difficult to use and even though my first job is to launch ProRealTime and leave the cripple ware you call the new platform behind. I still want to use the web based deal tickets, only the new platform rams an unusable slow chart along with it. Then when I try to set the deal ticket it doesn't calculate the margin required oh and its all ridiculously tiny boxes with tiny fonts with tiny buttons. And if you leave the new charting system running in the background all day your browser memory usage eventually explodes.

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I'm sorry to hear this. Our new charts are no longer using old Flashplayer tech, so in fact, they should be much smoother and faster than our classic charts (and definitely shouldn't slow your computer down). Have you spoken to one of our helpdesk technical specialists about this? I can arrange one of them to contact you and perform a remote session if you'd like - are you happy for me to do this?


It is possible to open a ticket without a chart. Right-click on a market from a watchlist (or the market name on a chart), and select Open Ticket:


Open ticket new platform.png


If you still want to access the classic platform, click on your account switching menu in the platform, and select My IG. You'll still see the classic option there. If you like, you can default into My IG by setting your preference in there.


New platform My IG.png




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100% agree, and it's more unintuitive to use, which means it's easier to make mistakes and lose money.


But hey, I guess that's good for someone, right? :smileylol:


Also today, the platform is defaulting to the new version and refuses to open the classic platform on Google Chrome.

Works in Firefox though.

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Absolutely DO NOT like the new platform.  Have looked at it over the last year to try to get to grips with it but always reverted back to the classic platform.  This morning I awoke to finding that I can no longer do this.  It would be ok I suppose if the new platform were any good !!! But its not good.

  1. It is hard to configure and navigate.
  2. It is bland.  When flashing red or blue instinctively lets us know what the markets are doing, this platform does not give any clue.
  3. The buttons on the deal tickets are small and they do not react at first click.  IE; to close a trade.

I suppose I will get used to it over time but if IG could perhaps bring back and incorporate some of the features of the classic platform, I could, in time learn to like it.


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Hi,   I have posted about the new platform but also decided to phone as I coulodn't get the classic today.  I want to keep trading with IG but won't on the new platform as it is not up to standard.    Anyway the girl I spoke to at IG was very helpful and directed me how to get the classic platform...... there is a little arrow, hardly discernible, to the right of  OPEN platform, click on the arrow and you will be able to get the classic platform.    I was so relieved, but how long that relief will last I don't know, as IG do seem intent on imposing the new platform on it's clients.

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Yep, it doesn't work in Google Chrome. I have had to switch browser to Firefox to get it working.


Anyway, not wasting any more time on this. I'm a trader, not a beta tester!

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Hi all - thanks for your feedback on the new web trading platform. I appreciate that this has been a big change to what you are used to, but it has been in the road map for a number of months. We have had a softer integration of IG's new offering to allow for time to get to grips with the new layout, whilst not adversely effecting trading.


It's worth noting that you should still be able to access the Classic platform using the drop down option as shown below (from the MyIG section).

2017-09-15 13_44_45-My IG.png

Please find the informational videos below which maybe of interest. You can find the link here for our videos which help you set up your dealing platform, as well as a few links which maybe of interest. 


2017-09-15 13_48_10-IG Trading platform _ IG UK.png


IGTV: Your feedback drives IG's new Web Trading Platform


IGTV: IG takes the lead in product innovation


Whenever there is a large change there will obviously be some people who do not like what has been done, however a big update really was needed. The Classic Dealing platform has been used for a number of years and was becoming dated in it's look and functionality. The new offering is built on HTML5 so it should be faster and allow far more customization for each individual. 


If anyone is having any specific technical issues please call the Technical Support desk and we will be able to assist. 

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Hi..I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW PLATFORM AT ALL, in fact, if they ever discontinue the old one, that will be it for me...I already pay privately for ProRealTime charts, as I prefer an independent data feed, I usually pay for a year upfront...but I noticed that paying monthly I receive an extra 10% discount....don't ask me why....making a total of 40% discount....anyway, the young lady said that if I trade through them I would get them for free, so I said that being Australian they wouldn't open an account for me last time I enquired, but I now live in Thailand, so she said it is ok to open an account, it is through IB, and I already have an IB account ...plus it would be an ECN account, and a true ECN account...so, keep it up IG...I believe many more will follow me if they do impose the new platform on us.....I was thinking of opening an ECN account with Dukascopy and still using ProRealTime charts, my charts differ greatly from IG's version...S&R levels in totally different places....lol

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    • A demo account should work the same as live, otherwise it is misleading.
    • Hey,  The demo leveraged account will work in the same way however there are some issues on the demo account because we test on there to make sure the live account runs as smoothly as possible.  Unfortunately, as mentioned before, we don't offer demo for portfolios but you can find the performance information here. Say you wanted to see the data back from 31st July 2014, you can go back and see the performance since that time: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/smart-portfolios/performance Thanks for your post. I will get this looked into so going forward this does not happen.   
    • @Trevbeats, Yes I do trade but I am an investor first and then a trader. I trade from the U.K.