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Hello Anton, 


Thanks for your follow-up on ST's points much of which I agree with too. 


Here are some minor improvements and some observations.


For convenience and efficiency please consider the following:



Could you move the order or position label a bit further in from the left, so that if drawing exists at the same location the cursor can pick it up if required? Right now the gap is very small to the border as illustrated in the image here. Note also the the STOP level line should be "sent to back" of the horizontal line label so the label is legible.FB-IX.jpg







Observations :

If I am not mistaken you have limited the number of earnings labels in an events calendar. I would prefer to be able to see at least a year back. Have you also further limited the amount of historical data for markets too? It seems less than before to me.

Maybe there is a feature to allow one insert date ranges of data to view and I have not found it - but the bottom of screen drag is too slow a process when you want something finer than the zoom buttons provide.


Note you also still have windows spreading too wide. Yes I know I could get it back in by changing my resolution but I should not have to do that:FB-X.jpg



Thanks, D

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Thank you for sending us your ideas on how to improve our charts. We have received quite allot of feedback on how drawings are added to charts and how to move them or maybe moving them by accident. One of the suggestions was that we have an option on the chart that would lock the drawings so if you move the chart you don't move the drawings by accident. We are looking into different ways to improve how drawings work and I will add your suggestions to the discussion. 


We have not reduced the amount of historical data on instruments, it still works the same way as on the classic platform where the smaller the timeframe the less historical data you would be able to see.


If you have any examples where you feel that some date were lost then please give us a call or send us an e-mail to our helpdesk so we can investigate it for you.


Thank you again for your feedback.





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Just an update, our developers have confirmed that they have reduced the borders on  horizontal lines to prevent cases where you want to move the chart but end up moving the drawing by mistake. Please give it a try and let me know if you find it easier to navigate the charts




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