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What Is Immersion Cooling? What Are Its Advantages?

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Immersion cooling is a typical type of direct contact cooling with liquid, which is to submerge the heated ASIC mining machines in the cooling liquid (coolant) and rely on the two-way flow of liquid to take away the heat generated by the mining machines running high-speed operation. The heated coolant will then be cooled down through a cooling system and circulates back to the liquid immersion cooling tanks.

Compared to conventional cooling methods, immersion cooling has the advantages of heat dissipation efficiency, optimizing energy efficiency ratio, low noise, reducing investment and operating costs, abridging time consumption and complexity in site construction.

In the meantime, with the removal of redundant peripherals, a substantial amount of equipment footprint is no longer essential, hence a more flexible data center layout can be realized, miners will not be bound by the restriction in location selection before, nor the costs coming along with tract leveling or graveling.

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