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How to make money in inflationary times

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Key to trading inflation, and making money, is understanding how money quickly erodes in value as inflation picks up.

IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor caught up with Simon Popple, author of the Brookfield Capital Intelligence Report, who highlights this erosion. Popple’s view is to invest and trade into commodities, particularly gold.





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Trading inflation: the great economic reset

With the tunnel vision central banks have around inflation, and how to deal with it, those voting on rates can only see the carnage in their wake in the rear-view mirror.


Jeremy Naylor | Writer, London | Publication date: Monday 20 June 2022 

IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor caught up with commodities specialist, John Meyer from SP Angel, who said that commodities are usually a hedge against inflation but with recession looming a recovery may be some way off.




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