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HI all , Would you all please share your opinion if to trade for ladder , forex is safer or indices is safer? 

I have been trading ladder for sometime and I realise indices tend to have high volatile in the price when around10 min before the market close. Why ? 

Forex does not.. It purely depend on news .. No matter how good your technical indicator. When any high news come in.. All indicator is useless. 

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I find it depends your area and level of expertise - fx or indices, the latter being driven by your knowledge of the market and its structure in relation to the particular indice. You might also choose to specialise in one indice. likewise one currency or region or style - eg. "commodity" currencies.


In relation to indices closing. Equities indices are perhaps most prone to window dressing and last minute deal completions.


I find ladder or binary trading to be the closest thing to gambling I have done in any trading.

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I try pick some Small Cap equities and I trade FX Accounts focussed on different timeframes. Mainly fundamental, some technical analysis. Hit a difficult patch after building up. Took my eye off the ball 2017 - female distractions. What do you trade other than Ladder?

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