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List of FX and Indices Forward Instruments

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Hi all,  I'm looking to place a few long term (maybe 6-12mths) trade using the Forward contracts rather that DFB as it looks like a cheaper option.  I have a few questions perhaps someone could help me with please?

1....Is there a list of FX pairs, Indices and Commodities that allow Forward contracts, since I noticed in some of the minors such as AudChf there does nor seem to be an option for using a Forward contract with this pair only a DFB.

2. I need to know the rollover cost to me even if I turn on the auto rollover feature.  For example say I was long by £1 per point  the eurusd forward sept contract and the contract ends, auto rollover clicks in and my trade continues in the next dated forward contract.  But how much does the change over from one (contract to the next cost me.

I hope I'm making sense here but I have never used these seemingly useful forward contracts for the longer term trades.  Any info would be appreciated.....thanks

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