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Bitcoin & Ethereum Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Price Prediction

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Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum BTC-USD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis TradingLevels. Price Prediction Today. 
Crypto Market Summary: Elliott Wave c of (iv) corrective bear market rally,completed expect a move into new lows, but hopefully the last low
Bitcoin Trading Strategy: Wave (iv) completed and now we are seeing crypto rollover in line with NASDAQ tech stocks. However a move lower still needs to be confirmed


Video Chapters
00:00 Crypto Index
07:34 Bitcoin 
16:27 Ethereum
20:14 Thanks for watching!

TradingLounge Elliott Wave Analysis
Peter Mathers started trading in 1982 he has a wealth of experience; his videos are highly educational and professional.  You will learn more about Elliott Wave and the TradingLevels method for safer entries, stops and targets.

Source: tradinglounge.com  Analyst Peter Mathers



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