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Is there a way to remove the "How to" popup button?




I'm just wondering if there is any way to disable or turn off the "help tab" button thingy named "How to"... It often obscures what I'm trying to look at, especially in the

positions window if I have a lot of trades going. I have attached a screenshot.


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Hi @Simon75

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this cant be disabled. However it seems to only appear when the positions window is added to a workspace. Workaround would be to access the positions window from the main tabs on the left hand panel as opposed to through a workspace. 

All the best, 


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Hi AndaIG,

Thanks for your quick response and explanation. Yes, I did figure there's no option in settings to get rid of it but I was just hopeful I might have been missing something. Thanks for the clarification and for confirming this for me. I would hope IG would consider eventually maybe reprogramming this function (in the distant future) and give users the ability to either reposition this tab, or remove it all together, as some sort of option in IG settings.

I was indeed aware that this "How to" tab doesn't appear in the regular positions window that you access from the main tabs on the left hand panel. The only reason I like to look at a position window once added to a workspace (btw I add position windows to all my workspaces), in preference to accessing the regular positions window, is because of what appears to be the extra functionality and data available in this mode, which isn't available from the main tab's position window (unless I am mistaken) such as the ability to add 2 types of notional value columns, the ability to see a profit/loss column in my own local currency for all individual positions, and also the ability to see a total at the bottom of the screen for the combined running profit and loss for all my positions (That's my favorite thing!). If I am mistaken and this same functionality can be added to the main tab position window, and I am just missing as yet how it can be achieved, then could you please let me know, and I would gladly only ever access that one.

Luckily the problem isn't a major one, seeing as the "How to" tab only seems to only ever entirely obscure a single figure, which is the running total for all positions, in my local currency, which is actually a figure duplicated at the bottom of the column to the left of it, which I can however clearly see.

The "How to" tab does however also from time to time (when I have a large number of trades) partially cover the profit/loss figure in my local currency on the very last trade in the list. I have attached another screenshot to show this. I can normally always see enough of this figure to make out what it is, but it is just an unnecessary annoyance, despite being a minor one, and I would hope IG might eventually rectify the issue. 

Thanks for your time and your response once again,



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