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The accelerator of new energy in 2022 is Bitcoin mining?

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In contemporary society, energy is being consumed continuously, and people are beginning to realize that fossil fuels, one of the energy sources, are no longer enough to support human prosperity to the next century.

But even in this situation, energy consumption is still inevitable in order to maintain and improve the quality of life today.

When it comes to chemical fuels, most people think of the effects of carbon in chemical fuels, after all, there is a lot of debate around carbon in chemical fuels today. But for this one, I’ll try to avoid this political minefield. We will focus on factors that are not related to carbon, i.e., resource scarcity and other commercialization risk factors.

Given the highly developed and interconnected nature of today’s society, humanity wants to spend more energy than ever before to fuel it if it wants to continue to grow and develop more prosperity.

Nowadays, there are also data proving that with the continuous consumption of energy, the quality of life of human beings is improving and the population has achieved rapid growth. Of course, in this environment, the level of technological achievement of human beauty has also been well developed. As we all know, if human beings as a species want to get progress, then more energy will be consumed, and in this case, it also creates an inevitable problem – energy depletion.

That nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima have hindered the development of nuclear technology in the global power generation portfolio is an undeniable fact for mankind. In particular, the fear of nuclear energy in some countries has led to the complete decommissioning of previously operating nuclear generating units. As time passes, more and more experts have come to realize that the role of nuclear energy in the coming energy transition, whether in the form of large reactors or in new micro configurations, is certainly critical.

I believe that in the next decade, nuclear power generation will experience an unprecedented renaissance, and that Bitcoin mining will also be the digital throttle that drives nuclear power into overdrive.


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