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Unstable Demo Platform



I have been using the demo platform for some time and have experienced difficulty with stability of charts on all instruments and timeframes. A chart will display correctly until I click on the SELL or BUY buttons, at which point the chart collapses. I then expand the chart by stretching the vertical axis, which rectifies it. This problem delays action to trade because I normally look again at the chart prior to execution. Then when I click "Place Deal" the chart collapses again. This is quite annoying, but more importantly I could not put money at risk with this delaying / distracting factor at play. It is also very annoying to say the least, as I spend too much time correcting the chart. I have sent an email to customer support but they did not reply. It may be a fault with my PC. One way or another I would appreciate any advice from members who may have experienced this issue. Suggestions on how to fix it most welcome.

Many thanks,


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Hi @TraderX100 Mike,

Thank you for sharing the screenshots. The chart is zooming out to display the your order level, limit and stop. As the limit is far from the current price it needs to zoom out to be visible.

You can remove the feature "Position Preview"  by right clicking on the chart > Show :

I hope that it helps !

All the best - Arvin

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Today I tested IG platform on my second PC. It has exactly the same issue described in my first post. Both are modern computers, running on Windows 10 and software kept up to date. Therefore, I have to conclude that the problem is with IG.  Also, IG failed to answer my email so maybe this problem is by design, because it is a demo account. If this is so then I do understand why and will accept that explanation but thus far, nobody at IG has clarified the matter. 

Yours confused

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7 hours ago, TraderX100 said:

Today I tested IG platform on my second PC. It has exactly the same issue described in my first post. Both are modern computers, running on Windows 10 and software kept up to date. Therefore, I have to conclude that the problem is with IG.  Also, IG failed to answer my email so maybe this problem is by design, because it is a demo account. If this is so then I do understand why and will accept that explanation but thus far, nobody at IG has clarified the matter. 

Yours confused

Hi @TraderX100,

Thank you for your post. 

Our Demo platform is running on a different server as our Live Platform.

Could you please advise on which market you are facing this issue. If possible could you please attach a screenshot?

Thank you - Arvin

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Hi @ArvinIG,

Thank you for help with is issue. As requested please see two screenshots of Nasdaq 5m. The first shows the normal display and the second shows the collapsed display after clicking Sell. The same thing happens when I click buy or sell or execute the trade so that I am constantly fixing the screen by stretching the chart back to normal. This issue occurs on all instruments and timeframes. 

With thanks


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Hi @ArvinIG,
The same fault occurs on my IPad Pro 4th edition, which is only 2 weeks old, so the evidence strongly suggests the unstable displays are created by your servers and not my computers. I hope this assists your investigation. Since there are no other reports of this issue by IG Community members , I have to conclude it is unique to me.

Kind regards


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