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ECB - European Central Bank

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'A big move in the Bund today could set off a chain reaction' (indices, currencies). Short vid from Nic Dukes on potential bund breakout on ECB  announcements today.  Rate decision 12:45,  presser 1:30. 





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ING  cut out guide to the ECB presser and potential effect on eurusd, treasury and bund.




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@Caseynotes I like this ING sheet, stated EUR/USD levels seem reasonable. 

I'd (as would everyone else) be very surprised by a rate hike / hardening of monetary policy. Press conference likely to be slightly more choppy than recent (Draghi has been unusually placid of late).

As usual, we'll widen guaranteed stop distances on affected FX pairs, indices & rates beforehand. 

Edited by Ludwik Chodzko-Zajko IG

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That's right @247trader, always flat going in, need to be a bit cautious with pressers because price can shoot one way then completely reverse on the very next sentence and this can go on for 45 minutes. With a data release directional consensus is usually reached relatively quickly.

So far, with Bund slightly down and Dax rising slightly the early signs are base case to mildly hawkish.

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    • Thanks @CharlotteIG ! That's reassuring. I'm sure IG have already seen this, but someone on twitter linked to this Policy Statement from the FCA, saying that it will come into effect on 6th January: https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/policy/ps20-10.pdf "Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets"  Incidentally the trader  on twitter who linked to that, was commenting on the recent drop in bitcoin  and said "Crypto exchanges started announcing liquidation of UK customer accounts ..not surprising BTC sold off." Best wishes, Cate
    • Hey @Tezzza,  If you're receiving statements in the post you can stop by emailing us with a request to stop sending them.  If you're referring to the emailed statements you receive everyday this can't be stopped. Once of the regulatory guidelines is to keep clients informed on their trading. Our email statements is how we do that. However, some clients have a separate folder in their emails to forward these.  All the best 
    • Hey Cate,  It is true that the regulators are looking to put a ban on Cryptos however there hasn't been enough information yet for us to take action. When we have more information we will reach out to client regarding their positions.  I completely understand and closing positions isn't something we want to do but we will have to stay inline with regulator guidelines. Please know, we will keep you updated.  All the best.