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Technical Analysis 101

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Guest oilfxpro



If you put your stop below the lwma 30 on 30 m , the middle moving average it would have not have worked fine in hindsight,The  appropriate stop loss and trailing stop in pips is 60 , but most of us are trying to get clever or lead others to make bucket shops rich with tight stops.This is one of the benefits of forums.


Usually traders who don't trade talk about tight stops, they also never traded as a result they debunk trading psychology  , they teach others to use tight stops.They usually work for bucket shops, tight stops get hit so trader re-enters trade and brokers get double the spread or bucket shops get trader's money,  psychologically messed up traders  talk about tight stops.When tight stops are hit, experienced traders know about reactive trades, revenge trades and other psychological issues, experienced trades don't use tight stops.in fact many traders use options, there are no stops involved.


Technical analysis is only 5% of trading success, 95% is psychology.A car driver has 95 % of the skills, the map i.e t/a can't take him from a to b.It is just a map, so keep it simple.


Show me 20 trades on forex with tight stops, in advance using t/a.


This is not baiting, this is asking for proof.



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You are missing the point, there must be a reason to enter a trade. My example chart used a dynamic level (MA), I could have used a trendline or channel line or a Fib level or a S&R level. The point is that if you see price repeatedly using a level as a boundary there is a better than 50% chance it will do so again on the next meeting. That is the reason for the entry and so therefore just beyond the level is the stop position because the premise for entry has broken down if the boundary is breached. That's it. 


As for your constant baiting, as I said, if I am reading a chart minute by minute to make decisions how would I post in advance what I am going to do, why would I even want to? Why would you think I even care about your baiting.


You keep talking about experienced traders but I know you don't actually know any and please stop telling everyone about your psychological issues, 80% don't care and the other 20% are glad you've got them.

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Guest oilfxpro

All the other links I posted including videos, prove your technical analysis theories are totally out of whack with the reality of markets. They are subjective and require an anti bs meter, to realize how much bs you write.These links are other people speaking for me.




Never teach a grand mother how to suck eggs


Teaching grandmother to suck eggsTeaching grandmother to suck eggs is an English language saying meaning that a person is giving advice to someone else about a subject of which they are already familiar (and probably more so than the first person).

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Guest Trader_1707

buy low, sell high was mentioned by  yesterday.

perhaps, he had already wrote about this before - i can't remember when. 

but i myself sometimes use this so-called trading principle and think it can be applied to IG daily vanilla options trading (Indices,FX,Commodities)




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Guest oilfxpro

Being banned  from every private forum is a proud achievement for a real trader.They can't stand the bs of people like yourselves.




If you remain on private forums, there is something wrong with you.Now I G is a customer's forum.If they had some scams going on , I would be the first to post here .If I G ban me, I don't care .




As regards your bs on t/a   I will repeat this again , why are you not a billionaire?



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