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Market RIPS Higher - GDP Pivotal Tomorrow, META Earnings, Dollar Gives Ground.

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The FED has to control the run away inflation. Increasing interest rates is ONE WAY. The OTHER WAY IS to limit the money supply levels. That lever is not usually used these days as we have become addicted to over-supply ( now called QE ).

When the FED says no evidence of economic recession. Yes, true in a sense. The FED has ALL THE METRICS IN THE WORLD TO EVALUATE  REALIST OUTCOMES.

However, the FED often get it wrong. WHY? Economic models based on theories, assumptions and their biased prediction of where they thing it will go.

More importantly, as has been bourne out in each major market crash, the economy flows afterwards in slowing down or crashing. It LAGS the market crash (from its top).

China is a poorly run country with many false or massaged statistics . It has over shoot its own mountain of debts. Like western countries (whom they copied) they have fallen into this economic trap due to the over-supply of excess money. LIKE THE WEST, THEY DO NOT KNOW A FEW KEY PARAMETERS THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO NOT VIOLATE .




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