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New podcast featuring Larry Tentarelli published just today, discusses strategies, trading pullbacks and breakout, scaling out of trades. I've followed Larry on twitter for years and have reprodu

Interesting 35 min podcast from Bloomberg where traders interview a world championship poker player. Discusses risk management, mind set and emotional control, continuous learning and differences play

Great 50 min podcast discusses Level II, DOM, order flow and volume, interbank verses retail, crashes and much more. Interview with John Grady. Released on 19/03/18.   https://twoblokestrading.com/

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Very interesting podcast discussing bet sizing and risk management. Goes into outcomes of experiments that do not come out as you would expect and helps explain how you can lose with a seemingly common sense approach.

Particularly pertinent as the guest is Victor Haghani who was a founding member of Long Term Capital Management that famously went bust in 1998 and I think still holds the record as the biggest corporate bust of all time. 45 min long and quite a bit of math but worth hanging on. 



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From poker player to risk manager for a $200 billion hedge fund. Interview with Aaron Brown.




  • Risk management is not about avoiding risk but about giving you choices.
  • Importance of quantitative data.
  • Funds are always long and short and re-balance according to changing price, fundamentals and news.
  • The role of the risk manager in supervising traders.
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Very wide ranging interview oil was probably in there, but it was also very detailed as well, gave some good specifics on what to look for in gold miners for example though tech is his speciality, had some interesting insight into Elon Musk.

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I’m torn on musk. He is obviously a visionary... but so much stuff he quotes and speculated on doesn’t come to fruition. Targets aren’t met etc, and as much as he’s doing good stuff, he gets a bit idolised which i always think detracts and blurs ones vision.

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Thought I would flag https://www.macrovoices.com/ as a podcast which I listen to.  They have a regular discussion of the market position for oil, gold and mainly american indices but also have a variety of feature guests who are probably the most interesting aspect. They recently featured Jim Grant on bonds and interest rates which was very interesting.

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Interview with Moritz of Tradeciety and Edgewonk. Discusses day trading and swing trading differences and transitioning between the two, trading fx and stocks, brokers, banks and markets.


Also talks about educators (as an educator) and journaling. 





Recorded in mid Jan, 48 min, interview starts 10 min in.



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My subjective opinion, after hearing this podcast was


I laughed at this map seller of the trading gold , Dr Steenbarger never traded successfully, he wrote books and sold psychology mentoring and  education. Dr Steenbarger does have the map of the trading gold, yet he is selling it through his books etc.


All the BS about volume on forex and past volume analysis, guessing the hft volume and calling it a guide to successful trading.It is the blind leading the blind, a jack of all trades, yet a master of none! No one can tell actual volume in forex. total fallacy bs.


In the gold rush, the only people who made money were map sellers of the the gold, i.e t/a,books,p/a,eas,education etc etc etc

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In my subjective opinion he knows more about trading than you ever will and given that you have never traded successfully in over 10 years of trying I will take his opinion over yours any day.

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Yes my highness "the high priest of noise",


This just proves "the industry is the blind leading the blind" I have tried to follow author Dr Steenbarger  on many of his Youtube videos, I have also heard over 200 psychology webinars, and I have traded every market.



another guru selling education





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I was making a subjective opinion on what he was saying.He talked about volume and volume in wall street.Dr steenbarger is not a trader, how would he know, that volume analysis in forex is not possible, hence the fallacy of his guidance.He talks about the hft and pension fund volumes on wall street, volumes become historical and irrelevant, after big funds have done their jobs.


He even talked about  predicting ranging /trending indicator and shifts in sentiments, but Mark Douglas was the real thing, cause MD pointed out much more about not knowing "what the market will do next".It is easy to give advice, that is not practical, when the master knows nought.


I was looking for a decent debate, with like minded traders.




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Not surprisingly you have got this wrong. He did talk about volume and relative volume and it's application to indices. He then talked about the fx market and tick volume (he was asked specifically about it). He knew exactly what he was talking about.


I long ago learnt you don't debate but just randomly troll.

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Past volume has no relevance to market behaviour for the short term trader, it becomes hindsight knowledge and useless in predicting where price is going next on indices, volume on stocks is relevant  and this pushes indices, he talks about indices ticks.This is total BS.Same applies to his understanding of forex.


No constructive debate but accusations of trolling!

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He talked specifically about short-term (prop) traders and differentiated between them and portfolio traders, he has worked with many of both groups. He talked about the correlation between volume and price movement and how and where to find it and see it.

Indices increments are called ticks whereas fx increments are called pips.


You didn't really listen at all did you, too much of a hurry to get on with the trolling.



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This thread started off nicely, with some unusual links, then it reverts to slipping in advertising for Tradeciety (posted hundreds of times on I G forum).


In fact the tradeciety clowns were hindsight  gurus  and quite laughable stooges wanting to ***** noobs.I heard past of their podcast and shut them up.Closed it , waste of time.


Seems like this forum will soon become " come and learn from podcasts of  internet marketers "

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That's right, keep shifting the argument around, move the goalposts whenever you get called out and your debating points shown up as being nonsense, it's what you always do. Next will come the abuse and name calling, so predictable.

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Oilfxpro you really are laughable with your multiple logins and your inability to argue your corner without shifting the goalposts when your bs is called out. So predicable, so boring.

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