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The lady who lost money on the software error probably went and jumped in front of a train.

The cops would have picked up the pieces of what was left of her and put them in a black bin bag.

That's how life is.

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4 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

Trader Tom Dante has just uploaded to YouTube a periscope recording he made 5 years ago telling some great stories about his previous 15 years as a trader. Lots of trader, broker and prop firm secrets revealed (including one featuring IG). Very entertaining and sometimes shocking but definitely an education.

(1 hour 10 min).

Language warning.




Everyone should watch this, and come to the realization that you aren't going to make money from doing this.

It's futile.

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Aww I was in a bad mood again.  Poo :(


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Part 2 of Tom Dante's 'Stories from 15 years as a Trader', I've not seen this yet, only loaded a few days ago but he is always hugely entertaining and always worth a watch. 

I'll assume it needs a language warning.


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The first one was depressing enough.

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Guest Busfarehome

Thanks for posting those Caseynotes, I really enjoyed watching them.

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    • I generally make the minimum number of trades per month to maintain the reduced fees and waive the quarterly charge. I think DRIP has been requested for a good number of years, but I suspect catering for the whims of share dealers/investors isn't very high on IG's list of priorities. Fundamentally, IG is a SB/CFD provider and that is likely where it makes the bulk of its money and thus where it mainly focuses its development (though looking at the forum, I sometimes wonder if it is really developing that side of things all that much either).
    • I called up their customer service to inquire about this and I've been told that it is not available in the foreseeable future. Ironically, this is due to the less demand for it, or so I've been told. Anyway, it is a massive disappointment for small investors like us, that a chunk of our investment goes into the fees such as the quarterly maintenance fee and the service that we get is horrible.  I think the best course of action that you could do is to just manually reinvest your dividend into shares that you like, in which IG would earn a commission fee. Another option would be to just wait until you have a significant dividend and then reinvest it on a quarterly basis so you only have to pay the commission fee once every quarter.  Personally, if I have shares that earn monthly dividends, I would just manually reinvest it every month so it will compound. By paying the commission every month, at least you don't have to pay the quarterly maintenance in lieu of the three transaction that you will do every month.
    • I fear that my online love affair with the Nikkei may be ending.