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Net Off vs Forced Open



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Hi @sambennett84

Thank you for reaching out, 

That bit becomes relevant when you have an existing position in a particular market and are looking to trade in the opposite direction in the same market. Net off will deduct from the existing position whereas force open will keep the positions separate, effectively allowing you to hedge. 

All the best, 


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Force open allows you to open a new position that is in the contrary direction to your existig trade(s). if you fail to select this option, when you take a trade in the opposite direction, e.g. you are short US100, now you want to buy, your short position will be closed the moment you open the buy position. To me this is totally unnecessary And in fact I can't help feeling it's a sneaky way of causing newbies to accidentially close out their previous position(s) when they try to hedge. There is absolutely no advantage to the trade, but a nice sneaky bonus to IG when their customer fails to realise he or she is cancelling an existing trade. They should get rid of it.

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