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VWAP not updating



I've noticed today that VWAP in not updating while you have your chart open, I opened my NVDA chart at 13:00 and sept it open until about 15:00 and realised that VWAP has not changed at all. Closed the chart window and opened a new one, this time VWAP is correct, but the issue persist, its value will not update until I reopen the chart.

Please sort out this issue ASAP.



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Posted (edited)

image.png.d6f8a872721a703ef3c0218a1efc07e5.png  image.png.d965929df2b4caafc0cbae31567d5c5b.png


Left screenshot shows VWAP that did not update, purple line is straight for few minutes.

Right screenshot shows VWAP after I reopened the  chart, and VWAP, the purple line is pointing downwards instead of being straight line.



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