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L2 Order Book Bid does not look correct Enquest BP and others


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20 hours ago, BBHoward said:

Again today the same is happening. Significant that IG do not comment on this post. I am considering switching to another provider.



Hi @BBHoward,

Thanks for your post. 

The Bid column should be your right hand side column.

The current price shows the the lowest price and quantity available at that price, for example you can buy 56 shares at 1100.00 for ANTO, if you want more shares. The next best price would be 1101 with two sellers, one happy to sell at 1101 another with 164 shares available and one with 247 shares at the same price. Hence the prices are in a increasing order.

For example: If you are purchasing 1000 shares for examples, you will be filled using current offer and the 4 rows below the current price.

I hope that it helps.

If you need further assistance please reach out to helpdesk.uk@ig.com.

Thank you - Arvin

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Thank you for your reply but with respect it does appear that you do not understand L2.

Surely the Bid column is on the left and Offer on the right?

Left hand side are Bids to Buy

Right hand side Offers to sell.

But you are only referring to the right hand column in your reply.  That is in order and increases one penny at  a time.

However looking at the Left Hand side there are prices below which are higher than the current bid but still appear below.


Looking at my L2 Manual (below) it shows left Hand Column 10 as Bid and right hand column  13 as Offer.

Please tell me that you are not working for IG helpdesk.





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Hi @BBHoward

Thanks for reaching out, 

This is odd, we contacted our shares desk on this issue and they have suggested that it could be a display issue, likely to do with a bad connection. They have asked that you call in when it occurs again so that we can compare it with what the actual order book looks like at the time, and possibly we can raise a ticket to be investigated by our IT team. 

All the best, 


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