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Feature suggestion > clock ?

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Could you please put a clock somewhere on the page ?


If trading 15 minute bars for example, it's nice to know if your 1 minute into the bar or 14 minutes.  I've tried many time to sync my trading clock (separate from PC) with the screen but it drifts all over the place.


So that's the suggestion, put a small clock on the page showing the current time (on the top bar, or on the chart ?).



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Thanks for your feedback on having time displayed on the platform.


I agree with your points here that a clock displayed somewhere on the platform or the charts will be very useful. 


We have recently implemented a new web trading platform and we are adding new features directly from client feedback on a regular occurrence. I will be sure to submit this as feedback to our development team.


If you have any further suggestions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 




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