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Cisco Systems Inc.(CSCO:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis September 22 2022

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Cisco Systems Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

Cisco Systems Inc.,(CSCO:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, September 22 2022, 

CSCOStock Market Analysis:Moving as expected, looking for further downside to complete wave {v}.

CSCO Elliott Wave count:  (iii) of {v}

CSCOTrading Strategy:Looking to place shorts on wave (iv) of {v}.

CSCOTechnical Indicators:We are below all averages as well as in oversold territory.

TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta





Cisco Systems Inc.,CSCO: 4-hour Chart, September 22 2022

Cisco Systems Inc.,Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

CSCO Stock Market Analysis: Looking for wave (iii) to be near completion, most likely we’ll get a bounce once we break wave {iii}.

CSCOElliott Wave count: (iii) of {v}

CSCO Technical Indicators:All technical are in favor of further downside.

CSCOTrading Strategy: Any small pullback to the upside can be traded to the downside on short

term trading.


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