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15 hours ago, AMJMCD said:

Can anyone advise what is the situation with my Trading Account if I move to the EU (Republic of Ireland) in the coming months.

Can I at least keep my account if I don't add funds or buy more shares?


Thank you for reaching out. 

If you move out of the UK, you would be required to close your positions and the account. The account offering is different outside of the UK and therefore due to regulation, this needs to be done. Unfortunately we do not offer share dealing and spread betting outside of the UK. However, you can open a CFD account in Ireland.

All the best, OfentseIG

Please note: 
Spread betting and ISA accounts are exclusive to UK clients. 
Our non-leveraged products, such as Share dealing, are location dependent so check the website relevant to your location to see if it's something we offer. 




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