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IG Trading Workshop - Understanding Why Fake Moves Happen and How to Counter Them

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Wash - a fake move often resulting in losses

Rinse - a subsequent move in your original direction


If you are often washed and rinsed, it is time for a change by knowing how the market profits from these fake moves and how you could in turn profit from it too!


Join us in this session as Binni covers:

1. Introduction on common phenomena in trading Forex, Indices, Gold and Oil

2. Why Wash and Rinse happens in the market

3. Trigger your trades faster and with more certainty using the Wash & Rinse pattern

4. Live case studies of Wash and Rinse







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  • MongiIG changed the title to IG Trading Workshop - Understanding Why Fake Moves Happen and How to Counter Them

IG Trading Workshop Part 2 - Catching Huge Moves with Autobox

Support and resistance are foundational concepts used in many analytical methods. While they are easy to understand, they are often difficult to spot during trading. They are in fact, very obvious after the price has moved. 
In this session, Binni Ong will cover “Autobox” - an analytical framework to: 
1. Spot support and resistance in less than 3 secs
2. Quantify these Autobox levels to capture a big move
3. Binni will be demonstrating how you can apply Autobox in various asset classes such as Forex, Indices, Gold and Oil



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Trading Workshop Part 3 - Managing Trade Psychology & Outsourcing Trading Weaknesses to Automation

Many people aspire to trade for a living. While there are many successful stories, there are also many others who failed. There are many reasons for their failure - trade and money management as well as trading psychology being some commonly known reasons. 
Hear from Binni Ong, a professional trader and Algo trade system developer on how she uses simple automation in her trades on different asset classes such as forex, indices and commodities. 
In this session, Binni Ong will share:
1. Good habits for winning trades, poor psychology for losing trades
2. How to free oneself from menial trading tasks with automation
3. How to use automation


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