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If you are trading a dollar currency pair keep one eye on the the dollar basket. Look day to day, weak dollar or strong dollar. Most other currencies fall into line, if they are trying to go one way but the overall dollar move doesn't suit they will go sideways instead until it does.






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With the usdjpy reaching range bottom and eurusd in a triangle squeeze dxy may be due a bounce up off old resistance turning support?


eurusd 1 hour

usdjpy daily

dxy weekly


EURUSD(£)H1.pngUSDJPY(£)Daily.pngUS Dollar Basket_20180129_08.49.png

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So where do your 1/5/15 and 30 m minute price action candles come into this trading?

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No oilpro, it's 5 min, 1 hour and daily charts for price action alignment, you never listen.

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I post lots of charts for many reasons, for instance the monthly and weekly give good overall perspective but of course not for an intra-day trade. Sometimes a certain time frame demonstrates a point I am making better than others so I will use it. But the main time frames I use for determining trades is the 5 min, 1 hour and the daily.


So when I demonstrated using the 100 MA on the 5 min dax chart and you replied that it didn't work when you used a different MA on the 30 min chart I thought yeah, here is some one who just doesn't listen.

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On 29/01/2018 at 09:21, Caseynotes said:

I post lots of charts for many reasons, 

Mainly because you're a grumpy old sod and a useless c&nt?

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Here you go, this is when you should have been getting your long Euros and Aussie dollars et al vs. the U.S. dollar.

You're welcome :)


US Dollar Basket_20201020_04.19.png

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    • this probably should have been ignored, but IMHO it was a new low.  obviously jlz tried to help someone here, and referred to others to add emphasis to a point.  I'm writing this because I actually asked for support in my earlier response, and I'm very pleased I'm not the only one who reacted to this post thoughtfully, so I think it would be pretty weak if I didn't speak up here. That may make me look ridiculous, and like my tongue is now travelling through a bunch of cracks, but I don't give a **** (like I think you would not either).    I'm actually surprised that you @dmedin  left it to this statement - usually you're significantly more effective in warning people of the hazards we face as retail punters IMHO - I think you definitely had stronger moments. you know what I would find useful:  having a separate, focused thread for insults  - I'm sure by now the respective targets wouldn't mind (to not again say not give a ****), and other discussions could become - let's say "leaner". I genuinely think I got a lot of valuable insights from many of your posts here, and I highly appreciate the honest feedback, and I also believe you have good intentions. I don't know about any history between you, jlz, THT, and Caseynotes.  I further think you play an important role here in this forum and I look forward to more productive discussions with you. But the post quoted above was a new low.     
    • Wall Street holding up still 🤔  
    • I'd given up on Dax but here it comes!