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PRT charts not being corrected


For the past two months or thereabouts I have been reporting flawed charts using the email facility in the ProRealtime software. Only one of the many charts that I have reported has been corrected. Listed below is just a fraction of the charts I have reported. You will see that some have been reported twice but to no avail!


UK Stocks 


3rd April: CHG


27th May: RSW 

13th June: RSW

14th June: JLT, FEV

22nd June: CRDA


US Stocks


8th May: CBOE

9th May: MRCY

15th May: ZION

20th May: CTSH

30th May: CBOE


12th June: AXP

13th June: CAT


20th June: PG

23rd June: CBPO


This is the bunch of US stocks I reported yesterday i.e. 24th June: ARMK, ARW, BLL, FNF, FBHS, PAC, HAS, IPGP, MCD, MHK, NEE, PKG, SSNC, STE, TRU, WCG, YUM


My focus is on the US and UK markets, I estimate the percentage of stocks with charts with flawed data is at least in double digits. Far beyond the "one or two that escape the net" as has been previously postulated or as you have articulated " Due to the large number of instruments we offer we sometimes do miss some errors on charts." I understand that the same flawed data powers the new IG charts too! On that basis, I find it incredulous, almost bizarre, even surreal that so much work is going into developing the new charts when IG does not have a reliable data feed!! It seems very much like the cart is being put before the horse. In the context of any developments to the charts where indicators are a derivative of price (are there any that are not?) the old IT adage is very appropriate, "garbage in, garbage out" 


Before I finished this post I thought I would go through the Dow Jones Industrial Index or Wall Street in IG speak to see how many defected charts would be revealed. The following is the result of that exercise:




More than half, i.e. 16 charts out of 30



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The DFB chart of Mitie(MTO.LSE) is showing a long wick to the downside today on the one minute candle. The candle low is showing a misleading 272.5, whereas on the LSE's chart the candle is much different in form and is showing a low of 287.1




The spread on the current DFB is just under two points. 

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Above, I was referring to the one minute candle at the open although that should be obvious to those looking at the chart.   

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I have looked at three LSE stocks so far including the one above and the have all been affected by the bad tick on the open. The other two are ANTO and SPX. 

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Add BRSN.LSE to the bad tick on the open list.

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     please feel free to assist , it would be unfair for him to get all the accolades for solving all the issues in a timely manner.


Thank you. 

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Add RSW.LSE plus HWDN.LSE with it's multiple flaws to the bad tick on open list.

Renishaw PLC (DFB).pngs

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