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Elliott waves

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Hi all


The highly requested Elliott Waves tool has now been added to our new platform charts.


You’ll find this in the drawing menu at the top of the chart, or by right-clicking on a chart:


Elliott waves NWTP.png



You can then select five points on the chart to form the drawing.


Do you like this tool or have any additions you’d like to see? Let me know below.



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Great to see this new feature added, and it is really easy to use. It would be really helpful to also have an A-B-C feature as well so we can chart  counter trend moves as well. Also an 1-2-3-4-5 at a lesser degree, ie: i - ii - iii - iv - v would also be a useful feature so we can chart the sub-waves within the main waves.  Thanks.

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Hi, is this on the newly developed platform not yet released? I dont see this on the current one.

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The 1-2-3-4-5 and A-B-C features are available on the current platform. Right click on the chart and under "drawings" you have two Elliot wave drawing tools.


They haven't yet added functionality to draw Elliot Waves at different degrees.



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    • Hey @dmedin. That news piece is something I long suspected. If anyone can move the market with just one tweet then why shouldn't the cronies profit from it. I'm just surprised this has taken so long to get to the "news".
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    • Lool, I'm sorry for my first post here, but it's funny :)