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Chart keyboard shortcuts

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Hi all


I’m happy to announce that we’ve added keyboard shortcuts to our new platform charts:


  • E to open an Edit dialog box on a selected drawing (select an object and press E on the keyboard)
  • D to duplicate a selected drawing
  • P and O to show/hide positions (P) and working orders (O)
  • Del/Backspace to delete a selected drawing (move your cursor over the object and select Delete or Backspace on the keyboard)
  • Spacebar to go to latest candle/reset zoom level


You’ll see some of these shortcuts on menu items:


NWTP keyboard shortcut.png



What other shortcuts would you like to see? Let me know below because we hope to add more of these soon!



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I would like to see the use of

  • up/down arrow keys to change timeframe
  • -/+ keys to zoom in & out
  • left/right arrow keys to scroll chart left & right
  • function/number keys for set layouts, indicators & analysis (e.g. Fib,Gann,Pivots)


It would be even better if these options were customised by the user to any key they perfer.


Many thanks


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Thanks for your suggestion, I will forward it onto the developers to consider including the ability to map your own shortcut buttons.




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Keyboard shortcuts to change the timeframe on the existing chart.  Number keys (eg 1-7) for 1m/5m/hourly/4hourly/daily/weekly/monthly?  

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